Curriculum Vitae



A person with results-driven with strong academic credentials combined with several works experience,good managerial skill, and a diverse background of organization activities and interests.  Possess good leadership skills along with the ability to deal creatively and practically with legal problems/issues and interact effectively with colleagues and clients, both domestic and foreign. Skillful in Information technology, digital communication, and journalistic writing.


2014 – 2016                         POSTGRADUATE SCHOOL, YOGYAKARTA STATE UNIVERSITY, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

                                                Magister of Biology Education ;

2002 – 2007                              YOGYAKARTA STATE UNIVERSITY, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

                                                Education Bachelor of Biology Science

2001– 2003                               GADJAH MADA UNIVERSITY, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

                                           France Letter, Faculty of Culture Science (undergraduate)       

1998 – 2001                              SMA 8 YOGYAKARTA, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

1995 – 1998                              SMP 5 YOGYAKARTA, Yogyakarta, Indonesia



Name                :  Muhammad Luthfi Hidayat

DOB                  :  23-10-1983

Sex                     :  Male

Marital Status  :  Married

Nationality        :  Indonesia

Email                : //



Full Time Lecturer    (2017 – Now)

  • Lecturing Biology Learning Strategy  subject
  • Lecturing Introduction to Genetics and Cell Biology.
  • Lecturing students in Computer Office Application

ISLAMIC HIGH SCHOOL AL AZHAR 9 YOGYAKARTA, Yogyakarta               2015 –Instructor                                                                                                                     (part-time)

  • Accompanying high school students who are interested in science, to publish their ideas and experimental results into academic paper competition.

ISLAMIC MIDDLE SCHOOL TARUNA AL QURAN, Yogyakarta                       2015 – 2017

Instructor                                                                                                                     (part-time)

  • Teaching integrated science subject for middle school students (grade 7th , 8th, and 9th)

ADEKOM WEB DEVELOPER, Klaten, Central Java                                                         2012– 2015

co-founder and web developer



  1. INTAN PARIWARA, Klaten, Central Java 2011 – 2013

Editor and Writer of Biology Academic Book                                                                       (full-time)


  • Arranged Biology Books for High School Teacher (BukuPegangan Guru Biologi SMA) for grade 10th , 11th , and 12th (with Science Book Editor team of IntanPariwara ).
  • Arranged Integrated Science Books for Middle School Teacher (BukuPegangan Guru IPA Terpadu SMP) for grade 7th , 8th , and 9th (with Science Book Editor team of IntanPariwara ).
  • Arranged National Exams Preparation Books of Biology for High School Student (BukuDetik-detikUjianNasionalBiologi SMA) (with Science Book Editor team of IntanPariwara ).
  • Arranged “Banksoal IPA Terpadu SMP” for Middle School Students (with Science Book Editor team of IntanPariwara ).



AVICENNA EDU CENTRE, Yogyakarta                                                                           2008 – 2011

Managing Director                                                                                    

(owner of the company)

  • Managed Education Company of private courses for students around Yogyakarta.


INTERNATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL, BUDI MULIA DUA, Yogyakarta                                     2007 – 2008

Full Time Teacher                                                                                                       

The Achievements and Activities:

  • Teaching Biology Science for Middle school and High School Students
  • Chosen as the teacher exchanged in the exchange programs to SekolahSukmaBangsa, Nangroe Aceh Darussalam (2007)
  • The finalist of National Paper writing Competition for Taecher (Kemenag RI) 2007
  • Brought the students of BMD Middle School to achieved 5th grade winner of National Students Paper Competition (Kemdikbud RI) 2008

APPLIED PSYCHOLOGY ASSOCIATION “CAHAYA UMMAT”, Yogyakarta                       2005 – 2007

Trainer Assistant                                                                                                         (part time)


  • Co-Trainer in the several organizational trainings (HMI UGM, KAMMI UNY, Faculty of Engineering– UGM, Faculty of Psychology UAD, Faculty of Psychology–  UII etc )
  • Co-Trainer in the several educational trainings (SDIT Taruna Al Quran Yk, SDIT Nurul Islam Yk, SMA UII Yk, etc )
  • Co Trainer for Crisis Centre UGM training(Medical Faculty UGM) for Paramedic Cut NyakDhienMeulaboh,Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam (the victims of Aceh’s Tsunami Disaster 2004)


National and International Seminar                                                                                    2014-2015
  • Moderator for Guest Lecturing “RASCH Model” from Lecturer from Malaya University, International Seminar of Science Education YSU ~ November 2015
  • City Tour Associate of Lecturer from Auckland University, International Seminar of Science Education YSU ~ November 2015
  • Organizing Committee of International Seminar of Science Education, Graduate Program, Yogyakarta State University ~ October 2015
  • Participant of International Seminar of Science Education, Graduate Program, Yogyakarta State University ~ October 2015
  • Paper co-presenter of National Seminar of Science and Science Education, Matematicaand Science Faculty, Semarang State University ~ November 2015
  • Paper Presenter of National Seminar of Education Technology, Graduates Program, Yogyakarta State University ~ November 2014
  • Paper Presenter of National Seminar of Science Education, Graduates Program, Yogyakarta States University ~ October 2014

Course and Training                                                                                                (the last 5 years)

  • Editing and Writing Training I, Aula rooms, PT. IntanPariwara, Klaten, Central Java (2012)
  • Editing and Writing Training II, PPC Rooms, PT. IntanPariwara, Klaten, Central Java (2012)
  • E-tutorial “Developing Google News Website”, by CEO AktualPos, Klaten , Central Java (not certified, 2012)
  • Online Entrepreneurship course, UCEO (UniversitasCiputraEnterpreunership Online) (certified, 2013).
  • VPS Host and CMS WordPress Installation training, Klaten Publishers Community,(not certified, 2013)
  • Short Course of Social Media Monetizing, LKP Kembar, Meeting Room DAC Office, Klaten (not certified, 2013).
  • Guest Lecturing with Prof. Ismail Khailani, PhD, from UniversitiTeknologi Malaysia (UTM), Graduate Program YSU, ( certified, February 2015)
  • Guest Lecturing with Prof. Seloamoney P, PhD from International University of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Graduate Programs YSU (certified, March 2015).

Organization and Social Committee

No Org/ Committee Year Position


1. Accreditation Committee of Biology Education (Graduate Program, YSU) 2014 Student Envoy
2. Member of KPPS (Indonesian Election Committee) Klaten Selatan

Ø  President Election

Ø  Indonesian Parlement




Organizing Committee

3. Board Committee of Student Excursion to UM Malang and Sunrise School Bali, Graduates Program, YSU 2014 Vice Chairman
4. Quipperschool International (licensed from Japan) 2014 Teacher Ambassador
5. Al Bayan Islamic Community, Klaten 2010- Vice Secretary
6 Masjid NurulIman Yogyakarta Foundation, Sleman, Yogyakarta 2009-2012 Vice Secretary
7. Forum Lingkar Pena, Yogyakarta 2005-2006 Human Resource Leader


  • Developing Learning Multimedia
  • WordPress Blogging and Programming
  • Writing Poets and Short Story
  • Qualitative Research (Science, Technology, Society, and Environment)
  • Public Speaking
  • Internet Marketing






Level Proficiency
Good Average Low
1. English  (ITP TOEFL SCORE: 530 2015)
2. Bahasa Indonesia  


3. Javanese (KramaInggil)



Information Technology Proficiency

Level Proficiency
Good Average Low
1. Microsoft Office  (Word, Excel, Power Point)
2. SPSS v21
3. Design Corel Draw Suite v14
4. CMS WordPress  self hosted
5. CMS BlogSpot
6. Marketing online
7. Web developing


8. Social Media Publication

(FB, Twitter, LinkeDin, dan Google+ )

I hereby declare, that the above written particulars are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Muhammad Luthfi Hidayat, M.Pd